Hosting.Toll-Free Numbers & Faxing

WiBear is the most convenient way to build your business credibility. Whether you're an small time entrepreneur or the owner of a major corporation WiBear is packed with tools to help you streamline your business communications.

Your Choice of Business Products

WiBear® gives you plenty of options that are just right for your business, whether it's local, toll free, or international. You can also transfer your existing fax number to eliminate the cost of your landline.

Receive a fax number with a local area code to present the image of a trusted neighborhood business.

Your 800 number should be on every piece of marketing you have, including your website. When you utilize a WiBear® 800 number, you always reinforce your brand awareness

WiBear offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide businesses and nonprofits, who are looking to build business credit with low-cost ways to deliver their websites.